Production of tow trucks

is our specialty

The production of tow trucks is our specialty

Autolawety stalowe i stalowo-aluminiowe


We have been operating on the market for many years. This made us able to meet the needs of our clients. We thank them for their trust.


We are a well-known and respected producer of tow trucks on the market. We have already been trusted by many customers who are happy to come back to us.

High quality

We are aware of the importance of meeting high production standards, which is why we constantly maintain it.

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Auto-tow truck bodies

The producer of Autolawet Piaseczny has for many years specialized in the production and supply of high quality tow trucks. Our many years of experience guarantee professional performance of services.

Thanks to the tow truck, it is possible to perform complex operations that are intended only for them. It has become widely available, among others rapid roadside assistance, including car transport / towing and heavy and specialized cargo transportation.

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Producer of tow truck

We know our work. We have gained our knowledge on many years of solid experience. We provide professional advice and we are able to indicate the most optimal solutions. We provide good quality tow truck bodies with the necessary accessories. A satisfied customer is of paramount importance to us.

What distinguishes us from the competition?

There are many companies producing tow trucks on the market. When looking for the right company, it’s good to focus on quality. It is worth choosing one that will deliver a good product. After all, a good product ensures peace of mind during use. When using the services of a company offering tow truck bodies, it is worth minimizing the risk. Therefore, it is worth choosing a company that has a good reputation in Poland, and preferably also abroad. We recommend ourselves here, we have an established reputation. We have earned this reputation through many perfectly completed orders. We have gained what is most important to us – the trust of our clients. What makes us very happy is that our clients recommend us to each other. We know their needs regarding the use of tow trucks and we are able to meet them.

Who is our offer for?

The use of tow trucks is quite large. Poles like to drive comfortable cars of foreign brands. We swarmed with these cars that before 1989 people in Poland could only dream of. Volkswagens, Opel, Audi, Citroen, Fords appeared, and Poles’ appetites were not satiated at all. The statistics show that the car trade is still doing well. Poles still want to buy foreign cars. Cars that can be brought to Poland on tow trucks. The usefulness of our products does not end with transporting cars across the border. After all, tow trucks are needed to service cars that have failed on the way. In addition, there is also the transport of agricultural vehicles, boats – and the business of renting tow trucks. Our offer is addressed to all those who see the need to cooperate with us.